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Friends Make The Best Neighbors!

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and Get

$1,000 for You*
$1,000 for Them**

3 Friends

and be Entered to Win


Here's How it Works:

Your Friend
Signs a Lease

Complete A
Referral Form

Your Friend

You Both
Get Paid!

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Resident Referral Program Rules, Terms, and Conditions

  1. Promote the MST Resident Referral Program to your friends and social media followers with your message OR use one of the QR codes above to send a preformatted message to your friends and followers easily.
  2. Your friend must book a tour with the MST Leasing Team through the "Resident Referral Tour Request Web Page" and include your name on the form at the time of the booking.
  3. Before your friend signs a lease, the resident referral form below must be completed by the current resident.
  4. Your friend must sign a lease and move in within 60 days of the referral form submission.
  5. Sixty (60) days after your friend moves in, we will issue the current resident and new resident a rent credit based on the referral program structure at the time of lease signing.
  6. For every three (3) completed referral leases signed, you will be automatically entered into a bi-annual drawing to win a free month of rent.
  7. All steps must be completed above to be eligible for a referral program payout, without exception.
  8. All terms and program rates are subject to change at any time.

Resident Referral Form

Please use the form below to share your referral information.

Your Info

(Current Market Square Tower Resident)

Friends Info

(Future Market Square Tower Resident)


*Current resident will receive $1,000 rent credit for each unique referral.
**New, referred resident will receive $1,000 rent credit.
Referral fees subject to change.